Shred-Text On-site  Mobile Document Destruction Services

On-Site Advantage

On-site document shredding is the most secure and reliable method of information destruction, eliminating any risk of a security leak. Confidential documents are securely locked in containers at the customer's facility until a bonded Shred-Text operator transports it to the vehicle for immediate destruction. Shred-Text's state-of-the-art mobile shredder will destroy the documents in a matter of minutes.

On-site document shredding gives the customer piece-of-mind, knowing that when the Shred-Text truck leaves their parking lot, their documents are in confetti form.

Why not get 100% of the security you're paying for when hiring a document destruction company and have Shred-Text destroy your confidential documents right at your site? If your documents are being transported to a facility to be destroyed, you've lost control of those documents as soon as they have left your parking lot in whole-readable form.

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